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Where to get married?

Where do we get married? Perhaps in a Town Hall located in the old city when once upon a time there was a convent? Or in a church that  was conceived as a fortress to protect it from pirate attacks?. The choice of the setting where the ceremony is going to take place will be the first decision that you will take when you decide to get married in this beautiful Island. Ibiza offers lots of possibilities and it is worth going over them before deciding any one.
We review the most relevant churches from the island and some others that, although they aren’t the biggest or most remarkable, have a special charm which makes them worthy of mention.
Ibiza Cathedral: Reaching the Cathedral square  after the steep ascent is worth the effort. Catalan gothic style (XIV Cent.), elevated over an arabic mosque,  can be visited from monday to friday from 10.00 to 13.00 hours. Every Sunday a mass  takes place.
Since it is one of the most requested temples for  wedding celebrations  we advise you to book the date in advance.
Note: The movement of vehicles is not allowed inside the walled city except the brides car which can be driven to the altar with special authorization upon request. For guests with their own cars there is parking just outside the town walls but the ascent up  the hill  is via a  3 minute walk through a tunnel . Advice for the female guest: be careful with your high heel shoes since the pavement is made out of stone and is usually slippery. There is also a regular bus line going up to the cathedral. The patron saints day Santa María is celebrated on the 5th of august. There are wonderful views from Santa Lucias bastion and from  the cathedral square and from the Castle ( now being restored) you can also take good photographs.

Following Ibiza the second most populated municipality is Santa Eulalia  and it includes Santa Gertrudis , San Carlos and Jesus parish churches. Located in the north west coast it is dominated by  Puig de Missa, a little mountain, on the top of which is  the walled church also called Puig de Missa.
Puig de Missa: One of the  most eye catching churches of the Island for it´s size and architecture. it was built in the XVI Cent. and it  presides over a tiny town center and an urban area that  spreads across this mountain at 52 meters above sea level .

Note: From the church there are good views of the sea. Santa Gertrudis beach is five minutes walk away. It is a church that  we love, in which you can make a wonderful photo-album for remembering this very special day. Light and shade contrasts have appeared in lots of  pictures from artists and painters of the Island. The surroundings  are very well looked after and one can still go for a quite a stroll around the hill. Santa Eulalia patron saints day festival takes place on 12th February, however the 1st  sunday of may  is also considered a big day.

Local party is celebrated 16th of November
Santa Gertrudis: located in the heart of the Island, this charming village includes a church finished in 1797 and curiously has the  islands biggest  bellfry  tower.
Note: A pedestrianized centre makes easier access to and from the church, without cars driving in front of the church entrance; However curious onlookers  would´t  be missed since the square terraces are always very busy. It is 15 minutes from Ibiza and 20 min from Santa Eulalia.  The patron saints day festival takes place on 16th November .
San Carlos: Like in many other cases the village arose from this  late XVIII Cent. church having one of the most relevant arcade of columns.
Note: Although the road goes past in front of the church the area is very tranquil, with a playground just next to it and a wide green where the couples take the opportunity to have the first pictures taken. On 4th November the patron saints day festival takes place here in Saint Carlos.
Jesús: This little temple was built by the Franciscans at the end of the XV Century and used to serve sailors who lived outside the walls. It is one of the oldest churches from the Island and it appears that Franciscan monks used to live there and after them Dominicans who had to abandon it because of the continuous pirate attacks. We like to highlight that the church contains a gothic altarpiece from the XVI century attributed to Rodrigo de Osona. Note: The church is located closer to Ibiza town than to Santa Eulalia, although belongs to Santa Eulalia. The temple has lots of possibilities for taking good wedding  photographs and owns a wide walkable  square opposite the entrance. Parking has an easy access due to the fact that it has been built  outside and close to the church square. The patron saints day festival takes place on 8th September.

This municipality located on the west coast is the most touristic of the Island. Far from what used to be a fishermen village is now famous for its nightlife and its sunsets. It is constituted by the parish churches of San Augustín, San Rafael, Santa Inés y San Mateo .
San Antonio: Built in XIV century the church is located in the village centre a few meters from the seaside. It is a walled church and it is recorded that the tower still had two cannons in 1847.
Note: It is located at few meters from the promenade which goes along the village centre and the pub areas and terraces. The atmosphere in its streets and squares is fun and easygoing. In the area known as the  West End,  Saint Anthony bars area, it is very crowded in the summer nights. The coast enjoys the most beautiful sunsets of the Island, seize the opportunity  to  take your photographs if you are going to get married here.

San Rafael: The XVIII century church  stands out for it´s setting  at the top of the village and views of Ibiza city and its walls.

Note: It is connected to the airport via the motorway  and only  takes 10 minutes to get there. Very close to San Antonio but also to Vila the guests could get  far way from either municipalities. Two of the main nightclubs, Privilege and Amnesia are a few kilometers away from this village. For those who don´t know the Island well enough,  lets say that it is an inland village without a coast. The patron saints day festival starts on 24th October.

Santa Inés: 9 km from Saint Anthonio to the north. Surrounded by a spectacular landscape this little village, that just has an XVIII century church and two restaurants, blooms from February until March thanks to its almond fields. It offers from its cliffs gorgeous views to the sa Conillera  islets,  illa des Bosc and s’ Espartar. The church is the shortest of the entire  Island in elevation and it was build at the same time as the one in San Mateo.
Note:  The festival of Saint Inés takes place on  21st January although it is not a suitable date for wedding celebrations…

San Mateo: It is  about 13 km from San Antonio north west. Its landscape is worthy of getting lost in it, in a land where wines are cultivated. The church ( XVII Cent.)  presides over the village, above all over the wine related festivals.
Along with San Mateo, Santa Inés y San Agustín San Juan is one of the villages that maintains its rural character. It covers four parishes (San Miguel, San Lorenzo, San Vicente y Portinatx) its population reaches 5500 inhabitants. It is located in the centre of a zone called ‘Es Amunts’ a protected area of north Ibiza.
Its church is surrounded by small houses and has a special charm. It was constructed in 1770 and in 1785 it recieved  the parish title. The church is another example of typical construction from ibiza and its surroundings are beautiful.
Note: it has a large number of lodgings for rural tourism, as well as hotels in the tourist zone of san Vicente de sa Cala y Portinatx. In addition, in this village there aren’t usually any parking problems.On the other hand, it is not far from the famous  ‘cala de Benirràs’, a little cove known for its full moon parties and precious view of the ‘Faro’ lighthouse of Portinatx.   The The festival of San       Juan takes place on the 24th of June.
San Miguel: It is largest village of the municipal. it is divided into two urban centres, San Miguel and San Miguel Port, which is more touristic. Santa Gertrudis is the closest villageand it is located almost 16 km from Ibiza. The temple is located in the highest part of the village, with views of the fields that surround it. it has a beautiful outdoor patio and this temple is said to be the oldest after the cathedral. Some of the famous people have recently celebrated their weddings in this church. The church was built in the 16th century, and afterwards two side chapels were added. Some years ago, as a result of restoration work in the church,  frescos were discovered, their patterns inspired by vegetable motifs.  The church can be found at the top of  a small hill surrounded  by  small shops, little houses and a bar that seems anchored in time. It is the type of fortified church that we love so much, white with thick walls…enchanting.
Note: We are talking about one of the prettiest churches in Ibiza. You can take pictures around the church and the beaches and coves ‘calas’ which are only a few minutes away by car. Perfect for making an excellent photo album.
The one we like the most is Benirràs.
The festival of San Miguel is on the 20th of September.
San Vicente: The church of San Vicente has  the peculiarity of being separated  from the urban center of the parish, San Vicente of Sa Cala. Surrounded by mountains it offers a beautiful landscape and also it is the most sober in its architecture and smaller in scale.
Note: We believe that it can be ideal for an intimate wedding where the taste for simplicity would be a must. The Festival of San Vicente  take place on the 5th of April. This date is outside of the high season, therefore it is assured that there will be no problems organizing a wedding at this time.
San Lorenzo: It is the only parish of San Juan that lacks a coast. Again, we find ourselves before a village consisting of only one church a couple of restaurants and a school. This is due to the fact that the houses are scattered across the parish and remote. The church was built between 1786 and 1797. The surrounding fields are beautiful and there is an example of traditional architecture of ibiza in its towers of Balafia.
Note: Even if there is no infrastructure in the village, as a rustic place, including  its rural  church, we believe it is precious . It has also  historical monuments  a few meters away, the towers of Balàfia, where one could start a photographic journal. The festival of San Lorenzo takes place on the 10th of August.

San José: Built in the 18th century, its church rises next to the road that crosses the village and it is very integrated in the life of the inhabitants of the village. It is an example of the fortress style of construction of the island churches. The patron saints day  takes place on the 19th of March( San Jose´s day). In the morning, besides the solemn mass, there is usually a dance exhibition of dance ‘payes’ (a typical dance style of the island) and in the evening, concerts are performed in the church square, usually accompanied by firework displays.
Note: Just 15 or 20 minutes by car you can find the wonderful Cala d’ Hort, a beautiful place to take some shots for your album. From Cala d’Hort you can see a couple of well known islets called Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell, to which magical properties are attributed. A few minutes away is the white beaches known as Platges de Comte, where  civil weddings tend to be conducted next to the sea and even aboard a boat. Platges de Comte is one of the star beaches of the island. Therefore, from the middle of July until the beginning of September it tends to be crowded all day long. The best time to make a visual record of this beautiful sight is at dawn, since this beach has one of the best sunsets of the island
San Agustí: A few minutes by car from San José one can find the small village of San Augustín d´es Vedrá. On top of a hill, you can find a small cluster of typical houses of Ibiza located around the church:  small whitewashed houses with wonderful gardens. A white church constructed in 1791 is surrounded by an orchard of orange trees and a forrest of olive trees a thousand years old. We love this temple, so rural and well looked after, ideal for a simple yet special wedding. Opposite the square there are two little restaurants. The patron saints day takes place on the 28th of August.
Note: As we have recommended before, this is a great opportunity for your photo album if you get married in San Jose, however, Cala d´Hort and Platges de Comte are 20 minutes away by car.
San Jorge: It is the only church that still conserves the battlements in its roof that show its character of a fortress. The temple was created as an answer to the spiritual needs of the people who worked gathering salt in the pools of ´ses Salines`. This locality is the nearest to the airport and its two closest beaches of ses Salines and sa Caleta stand out for their beauty.
Note: Despite the fact that it has a nearby parking zone spaces are not very abundant. Given its proximity to the beach of ses Salines and the environs a good photo opportunity is to go to Cap d´es Falcó. Celebrations of the patron saint San Jorge is on the 23rd of April.
Es Cubells: The church was inaugurated in 1864. It is on the edge of a beautiful cliff that gives way to the sea and with a view to all of the south east coast of the island of Ibiza and Formentera. It is a small church, very simple but with exceptional surroundings. We love the two little bars in the village as well as the teresian nuns convent which is two minutes walk from the church. Its a very quiet and genuine village
Note: In this village there are never any parking problems. There aren’t any hotels nearby. The patron saints day is on the 12th of October.
Iglesia de Sant Francesc de Paula: In a landscape of salt pools (today declared a Nature Park), and standing alone in an urban wilderness is this tiny church which was constructed so that the men who, in the hard work of the salt industry, had a temple where to go and prey on sundays. It has just been restored and we find it charming since it is located at the entrance of the nature park of ses Salines. The secluded temple is dependent on the parish priest of the church of San Jorge de ses Salines. It is necessary to speak to him in order to book the church.
Note: Although it is a enchanting temple it is not apt for big weddings as the interior only holds a few people. On the other hand it is on the edge of a motorway that in  the months of the high season gets very busy. The closest beaches are es Cavallet and ses Salines. The former is a naturists beach and includes a restaurant with spectacular views and a very chic atmosphere. Beware of mosquitos at dawn. Good pictures can be taken from es Codolar above all at dawn as well as in Cap d´es Falcó.
Iglesia de San Telmo (Ibiza)
Iglesia de la Virgen del Rosario y San Ciriaco (Ibiza, c/ Pais Valencià, 16)
Iglesia de Santa Cruz (Ibiza)
Iglesia de San Pablo (Ibiza, Ca n’Escandell, 27)
Parroquia de San Pedro (Ibiza)
Iglesia de Puig d’en Valls (Jesús)
Iglesia de l’Hospitalet (Ibiza, c/ Santa Faz)
Iglesia de Cala Llonga (Santa Eulalia)
Parroquia de San Cristóbal de es Canar (Santa Eulalia)
Capilla de la Inmaculada Concepción, Forada (San Antonio)
Capilla de la Virgen de Lurdes (Santa Eulalia, c/ San Jaime)
Capilla de la Sagrada Familia (Can Bonet, ses Païses, San Antonio)
Capilla de San Cristóbal (Puerto de Ibiza, c/san Ciriaco,2)

  • Town Halls and Registry Offices 

Following Ibiza the second most populated municipality is Santa Eulalia  and it includes Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos and Jesus parish churches. Located in the north west coast it is dominated by  Puig de Missa, a little mountain, on the top of which is the impressive walled church. The town hall is located in the middle of the town centre, about 10  minutes walk from the church and just a  few meters from the promenade , therefore also from the beach.
Santa Eulalias registry office. C/ San Jaime, 72. Tel: 971 33 00 07
Note: In this case, it is clearly established that the concillors if they are required to travel will do so as long as the bride and groom pay the corresponding taxes  (which are more expensive than getting married in the town hall). In the town hall web page every necessary document is numbered along with the steps to be followed.
Santa Eulalia Registry Office. C/ San Jaime, 72. Tel: 971 33 00 07
This municipality located on the west coast is the most touristic of the Island. Far from what used to be a fishermen village it is now famous for its nightlife and its sunsets. It is constituted by the parish churches of San Augustín, San Rafael, Santa Inés y San Mateo. Nowadays the town hall occupies a modern building facing the seaside very close to the Ferry Terminal.
Passeig de la Mar, 16. Tel. 971 34 01 11
Note: The registry office offers two possible settings to celabrate the ceremony: the registry office assembly hall and   the ‘sa Punta des Molí’, a beautiful enclave on the seaside taking the name from the presiding old mill nowadays restored.
San Antonio Registry Office. C/ Progreso s/n. Tel. 971 34 25 23


Although it is the third municipality of the island in number of people, it is the first in size of land area  and offers a total of 32 beaches and 80 km of seaside. Located at the south west of the island its town hall  is placed in the middle of the village and almost opposite the church, it serves the San Agustín, San Jorge, San Francisco  parish churches  ( with its tiny church in ses Salines Road) and Es Cubells. It also includes the only natural park of the island, Ses Salines.

C/ de Pere Escanelles 12-16 Tel. 971 80 01 25
Note: Concellors do not travel away, weddings must be celebrated in the Town Hall.San José’s registry office. C/ d’es Consultori, 1. Tel. 971 80 05 19

Along with San Mateo, Santa Inés y San Agustín San Juan is one of the villages that maintains its rural character. It covers four parishes (San Miguel, San Lorenzo, San Vicente y Portinatx) its population reaches 5500 inhabitants. It is located in the centre of a zone called ‘Es Amunts’ a protected area of north Ibiza.
The town hall is now a brand new building (the one before had a certain charm, the present one is just funcional) and it is located on the edge of the village.
Tel: 971 33 30 75

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Details that make the difference

The location or the stage, as you want to call it, will be what first captures the attention of the guests. And yes, it is true that the choice of the restaurant, or failing the villa or hotel, is possibly the most important choice you should take, but from here we also want to throw a toast to those little details that, little by little, throughout the celebration, will conquer your family and friends. We refer to the center of table, simple but studied to the millimeter, to the corner reserved to indicate the distribution of the tables or to the posters placed in the chairs of the fiancées. We dedicate to each of these components many times, testing, comparing, discarding and, finally, congratulating us when we achieve a good result. Most of these details have been made by us, buying the basic elements in different shops of the island and combining them until obtaining the perfect composition.

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Plan ahead


First of all, congratulations on your commitment! You have decided to take a big step. Now you have to organize the event. Planning the wedding well in advance you can control much better all aspects involved in it and nothing fails.
By way of guidance, we offer you an agenda to see the basics that should be taken into account and how to plan each one with sufficient time.

More than a year before

The main thing is to choose the date of the wedding. It will depend on the combination of the availability of the church / city where you want to celebrate the ceremony, and where you are going to celebrate the banquet. Sometimes finding a weekend where both places are available can be tricky depending on the time of year. So the sooner you decide the more likely you will have that the date chosen is free.

For the election of the church or city council you have at your disposal a link with photos and information of all those on the island. As for the banquet, you can also access the list of suppliers and start asking for quotes. The choice must convince you and be liked by both of you. It never hurts to ask advice from people who have attended a wedding on the site that interests you, sometimes word of mouth is the best advertising. Sure in our forum you will find many people to help you with your opinions.

Make an initial list of guests, because depending on the number of guests you will have, there will be places where you can or can not hold the banquet, depending on their capacity.

It is time to announce the commitment to family and friends once you have the date. Keep in mind that if people come from outside the island for the event, they will need a reasonable time to look for plane / boat, lodging, rental car …

You can start looking in magazines, on the Internet, etc., trends of the year for the wedding dress and the groom suit. So you can go in your search with a prior idea of ​​what you like and do not like.

Between 12 and 6 months before

At this moment you must already have the date of the link.

Start searching for possible destinations for the honeymoon, ask budget in the agency for the different options. Always keep in mind if the time of year you are going in the weather is going to be good. Maybe you had in mind a specific destination and it turns out that the wedding date is monsoon season …

It’s time to look for the wedding dress. Visit different places and ask for an appointment to do the tests. If you decide on a custom designed dress, you think you will need time to do it, consult with the designer as soon as possible.

You should also find photographers for the photos and video. Ask for quotes when you go to see their work. It is important that there is communication and some complicity, if you feel comfortable with him or her the photos will come out more natural.

And finally visit florists to see ideas and of course, ask for quotes. Many have photos of flower arrangements that have prepared for other weddings, it is the best way to see the decorative style of the florist, and see if it is to your liking.

3 to 4 months before

Collect the necessary documentation according to whether it is civil or religious wedding (birth certificates, baptism, etc.). It is important not to do this management more than 6 months in advance, as the documentation is only half a year valid, and you should ask for it again.

You can request a website for your wedding. There you can include information of the place where you will celebrate with photos, plans of how to arrive, etc. If you prepare a special section, the guests can leave messages of congratulation. Be sure to include the website address in the invitations so everyone can come and see and participate in it.

It is also time to order the invitations, send them and assure them that those who do not give it in hand receive them.

Start looking for the accessories of the wedding dress (lingerie, shoes, headdresses, etc.) and the groom.

Book the honeymoon trip.

At this time usually a test of the dress, with the shoes already bought if possible, to see that they combine well, and above all to adjust the length of the dress.

Choose the florist you liked the most and check availability for that day. Many weddings are held on the island, and florists can manage one or two on the same day.

2 months ago

Look for the hairdresser and beautician, and when you have chosen, ask for an appointment to do the test of hair and makeup. In some places you have several tests on different days. We recommend that you take the camera, especially if you do different hairstyles on different days, so you can compare them later.

Inform you if the destination that you have chosen for your trip needs some vaccination. Many of them should be administered at least a month before the trip. Better go with time.

If you decide to do some beauty treatment, ask for information at the beauty center to be able to start it in time.

Look for wedding reminders that are given to guests, as well as cigars or cigars with personalized ring, if the place of the banquet has outside area where you can smoke. Look at the original ideas section, we’ll leave you some fun suggestions.

If you have opted for a jewelry designer for the alliances, do not wait any longer to do so, they need a time for their elaboration.

By these dates the banquet menu is usually tested, and its subsequent choice. Depending on the place, you will be asked to do it sooner or later. If it is a hotel and you marry at the beginning of the season it may be only a month before the wedding.

Between 1 month and 15 days before

You have to make the last test of the dress. It is very possible that with the nerves you have thinned a bit at the last minute, so you probably have to touch up something, get a little here or there …

Reserve the time for the hairdresser. If your mother, your sister or sister-in-law, an aunt, etc., want to prepare in the same hairdresser as you, consult with the manager the possibility of opening that day just for you.

Check that you have everything ready, purchased and contracted (photos-video, clothing and accessories for bride and groom, church choir, wedding trip, banquet place, music for the party, flowers and decoration, transportation for the bride and The guests, etc). We leave you a link with a prepared list. You can print it and go checking what you still lack. LINK!!!!!!!!!

Call the guests who have not yet responded to confirm your attendance. Many are made to pray!

Collect alliances.

It’s time to go to the beauty center for a skin cleansing. Do not leave it for the last day in case you have redness.

One week before the wedding

Collect travel tickets and start packing.

It is most likely that the place of the banquet will ask you for the final number of guests. You should also inform about their distribution by tables, after consulting the number of people who can go in each one.

Go to the beauty salon for the final touches (hair removal, body peeling, grapefruit, etc.).

Check in the bank the limit that you have in the credit cards in case it is advisable to extend it for the trip. And if necessary also, ask for foreign currency if wherever you go you do not have Euro currency.

Make sure that the florist has clear everything you’ve asked, types of flowers, bouquet type, …

A day before the wedding

You can make an “emergency kit” with extra stockings, thread and pin, lip gloss, etc. Leave it to someone you trust if you need to use it. You never know what you might miss and when.

Get the manicure and pedicure.

Pick up the wedding dress and do not let the boyfriend see it!

And finally sleep well, if the nerves leave you !.

The wedding day

If you are nervous, you can take a tea infusion or a valerian. Something soft that calms the nerves, but that does not sleep!

Go in time to the hairdresser.

And above all, enjoy the big day !!!




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    Ayudaros a planificar vuestra boda es nuestro principal objetivo.

    Esperamos que nuestra web os sirva de punto de partida para organizar vuestra boda en Ibiza, una isla que tiene todo con lo que podéis soñar. Estaremos encantadas de poder formar parte de este evento tan importante. ¡Gracias por habernos dedicado un poco de vuestro tiempo!