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Where do we get married?

Where do we get married? Maybe in a town hall located in the old city that once hosted a convent? Or in a church that was conceived as a fortress to protect against the attack of the pirates? The choice of the stage where the ceremony is held will be the first decision you will make when deciding to marry on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Let’s take a look at many of the choices before deciding on one.

You know that the island of Ibiza is divided into five municipalities: Ibiza, San Antonio, Santa Eulalia, San José and San Juan. Each one of them counts on a city council that offers service to the parishes that integrate them and, in total, there are 12 main churches besides several chapels and smaller temples. On the other hand, there are the Peace Courts (Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, San Antonio and San José) that also host civil celebrations.
Here we summarize all the possibilities for you to choose the best.


The Consistory of which can be considered the capital of the island is located in an attractive enclave, inside the walled city of Dalt Vila and next to an oriel from which both the silhouette of the neighboring island and the entrance to the port of the city can be watched. The building occupies the whole of the civil part of a convent of Dominican friars during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, although recently some of the rooms have been moved to a building located a few meters, Can Botino.

Can Botino. C / Pere Tur, 1. Dalt Vila.
Phone: 971 30 50 22/39 92 74

Ibiza Cathedral: Reaching Cathedral Square after the steep climb is worth it. Gothic Catalan style (S. XIV) was built on an old Arab mosque. We recommend you booking the date well in advance, as it is one of the most requested temples for wedding celebration. Mother’s Day: Santa Maria, celebrated on August 5th. Wonderful views from the Bastion of Santa Lucia and from the Cathedral Square itself. You can also get spectacular photos from the Castle.

Information to note: Car traffic is not permitted in the walled city, except for the bridal car that goes to the church (authorization is required). The guests, with their private cars, have an extra-mural parking, but the ascent to the cathedral is by a tunnel – about 3 minutes on foot. Advice for the guests: be careful with the heels, since the floor is of stone, and is usually a little slippery. There is also a regular bus that runs regularly to the Cathedral.


It is, after Ibiza, the second most populated municipality and includes the parishes of Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos and Jesus. Located on the northeast coast is dominated by the Puig de Missa, a small mountain whose top is situated the fortified church of Puig de Missa.

The town hall is in the center of the town, just a few meters from the promenade.

Plaza de Espanya, 1. Tel. 971 33 28 00/33 29 00 /

Puig de Missa: One of the most striking churches on the island due to its size and architecture. It was built in the 16th century and presides over a small urban nucleus distributed in this mountain of 52 meters above sea level.

Please note: From the church, good sea views. The beach of Santa Eulalia is a 5 minute walk. It is a church that we love, where you can make a magnificent photo report as a souvenir of this special day. The contrasts of whites and shadows have appeared in many paintings of artists and painters of the island. The surroundings are very well kept and you can still stroll quietly up the hill, which hides many beautiful spots.
The festivities of Santa Eulalia are February 12, although it is also considered a great holiday on the first Sunday of May.


Situated in the heart of the island, this charming village has a church completed in 1797 and, as a curiosity, has the largest bell tower on the island.

Please note: The pedestrianization of the center makes the exit of the church more comfortable, with no cars circulating in front of the entrance, although there is never a lack of the eyes of the curious, since the terraces of the square are always very crowded. It is about 15 minutes from Ibiza town and 20 minutes from Santa Eulalia. The 16th of November are the patron saint festivities of Santa Gertrudis.


As in so many other cases, the town emerged from this church of the late eighteenth century which has one of the most prominent porches of columns.

Please note: Although the road passes in front of the church, the area is very quiet, with a children’s playground next to it and a large lawned area where couples take advantage of the first photos. On 4 November are the patron saint festivities of Sant Carles.


This small temple was built by the Franciscans at the end of the 15th century and gave service to seafarers who lived outside the walls. It is one of the oldest churches on the island. It seems that Franciscan monks lived and then the Dominicans, who had to abandon it by the continuous attacks of the pirates. We want to emphasize that the church has an important Gothic altarpiece from the s. XVI attributed to Rodrigo de Osona.


This municipality located on the west coast is the most touristy of the island. Very distant from that fishing village that was, is famous for its nightlife and its sunsets. It is constituted by the parish of San Agustín, San Rafael, Santa Inés and San Mateo

The City Council currently occupies a modern building overlooking the sea, very close to the sea station.

Passeig de la Mar, 16 Tel. 971 34 01 11

Built in the s. XIV, the church is in the center of the village, a few meters from the sea.It is a church-fortress, it is documented that still in 1847 the tower still had two canyons.

Please note: It is located a few meters from the promenade, which runs through the town center and crosses areas of bars and terraces. A cheerful and casual atmosphere in its streets and squares. In the area known as the West End, San Antonio’s bars area, there are usually crowds of people on summer nights.


The church, dating back to the 18th century, stands out for its location, in the upper part of the village and overlooking the city of Ibiza and its ramparts.

Please note: It is connected to the airport by the motorway and only takes about 10 minutes to arrive. Very close to San Antonio but also to Ibiza, guests could stay in any of these two municipalities. Two of the main nightclubs, Privilege and Amnesia, are just a few kilometers from this town, so if you choose a restaurant nearby, all the stages would be very well connected. Of course, for those who do not know it too much, we remember that it is a town of interior, without coast.


Nine miles from San Antonio heading north. Surrounded by a spectacular landscape, this small village with only one church (from the 18th century) and two restaurants flourish between February and March thanks to its fields of almond trees. It offers, from its cliffs, a beautiful view of the islets of Sa Conillera, illa des bosc and s’Espartar. Its church is the one of smaller elevation of the whole island and was constructed at the same time that of San Mateo.


About 13 miles from San Antonio northeast. Its landscape deserves to be lost in it, in a land where wines are grown. The church (18th century) presides over the village, which has two restaurants.

Please note: September 21 is the pattern of San Mateo; In general, during the week before and after that date there are usually festivities in the town, especially the wine-related parties.


Together with San Mateo, Santa Inés and San Agustín is one of the towns that maintains a more rural character. It has four parishes (San Miguel, San Lorenzo, San Vicente and Portinatx) and its population is around 5,500 inhabitants. It is located in the center of the area of ​​”Es Amunts”, protected zone of the north of Ibiza. The church is surrounded by small houses and has a special charm.

The Town Hall is located in the center of the village, in front of the square and the church. Tel: 971 33 30 75

The church was built in 1770 and in 1785 received the title of parish. The church is another example of the local construction, and its surroundings are beautiful.

Please note: There are a large number of rural tourism lodgings, as well as hotels in the tourist area of ​​San Vicente de sa Cala and Portinatx. In addition, there are usually no parking problems in this town. On the other hand, it is not far from the famous “Benirràs” cove, a small cove known for its full moon parties and beautiful views of the Portinatx lighthouse. The festivities of San Juan are June 24.


It is the largest town in the municipality. It is divided into two urban centers, San Miguel and the Port of San Miguel, more touristy. The nearest town is Santa Gertrudis, is located 12 km from Ibiza.

The temple is located in the upper part of the village, overlooking the surrounding fields. It has a beautiful outdoor patio and it has been said that, behind the Cathedral, it is the oldest. Some famous people have celebrated weddings in this church. The church was built in the 16th century, and later the two side chapels were added. A few years ago, as a result of some renovation works carried out in the church, some frescoes, inspired by vegetable motifs, were “discovered”. It is located on top of a small hill, and is surrounded by small shops, little houses, some bar that seems anchored in time … It is the fortress church that we like, white, with thick walls, … charming.

Please note: this is one of the most beautiful churches in Ibiza. You can make a beautiful photo report in the surroundings of the church, and a few minutes by car, in many of its coves or beaches; The one we really like is “Benirràs”. The fiestas of San Miguel are the 29 of September.


The church of San Vicente has the peculiarity of being very far from the main urban center of the parish, San Vicente de sa Cala. Surrounded by mountains it offers a beautiful landscape and is, besides the most sober in its architecture, the one of smaller dimensions.

Please note: We think it may be ideal for a very intimate wedding, where the taste for simplicity is basic.


It is the only parish of San Juan that lacks coastline. Again, we are faced with a village formed only by a church, a couple of restaurants and a school, as the houses are scattered and far away. The church was built between 1786 and 1797. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and is an example of traditional local architecture with the towers of Balàfia, although recently one of them has collapsed due to heavy rains.

Please note: There is no infrastructure in the village, but as a rural church we believe it is a beautiful place. It has an architectural complex a few meters, the towers of Balàfia, where you could start the photo report. The festivities of San Lorenzo are the 10 of August. It may be that on these specific dates, there is “too much” bustle to hold a wedding, although in the days before or after, there are usually no problems.


From the XVIII century it stands next to the street that crosses the town and is very integrated in the life of the inhabitants of the town. It is an example of the fortress-building of the churches of Ibiza. Her employer’s day is St. Joseph’s Day, March 19. In the morning, in addition to the solemn mass, there is usually a dance show (dance typical of the island) and at night there are concerts in the church square.

Please note: About 15 or 20 minutes by car you will find the wonderful Cala d’Hort, a beautiful place for a photographic report. In Cala d’Hort are the well-known islets Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell, to which magical properties are attributed to them. A few minutes away is the white sandy beach known as Platges de Comte, where there are also civil weddings by the sea and even on board boats. Platges de Comte is one of the star beaches on the island, so from mid-July to early September it is usually crowded all day. The best time to make a nice photo report is at sunset, as this beach has one of the best sunsets on the island.


About 5 minutes drive from San José is the small town of San Agustín d’es Vedrà. On a hill, there is a small nucleus of typical local houses located around the church: whitewashed white houses, wonderful gardens, … It was built in 1791. White church, surrounded by an orchard of orange trees and a forest of ancient olive trees. We love this church so rural and so cared for a simple wedding, but very special. Opposite the square there are two small restaurants. His employer’s day is August 28.

Please note: The same recommendations to have a beautiful photo report that if you marry in San Jose, only Cala d’Hort and Platges de Comte are about 20 minutes by car.


It is the only church that still keeps the battlements on its roof.
It is the nearest town to the airport and has nearby beaches, such as sa Caleta, of great beauty.


The church was inaugurated in 1864. It stands on the edge of a beautiful cliff overlooking the sea, overlooking the entire southeastern coast of the island of Ibiza, and towards Formentera. It is a small church, very simple, but with a privileged environment. We love the two little bars that are in the village, as well as the convent of the Teresian nuns, which is a 2 minute walk from the church. It is a very quiet and genuine village. His employer’s party is on October 12.

Please note: In this village there are never any parking problems. There are no hotels nearby.


In an environment of salt ponds (now declared Natural Park), and with a nonexistent urban center, is this tiny church, which was built so that men who worked in the harsh salt industry had a temple to go To pray on Sundays. It has just been restored and we find a charming church, as it is at the entrance of the Ses Salines Natural Park. The church depends on the parish priest of the Church of Sant Jordi de ses Salines. You have to talk to him to book the church.

Please note: Although it is a lovely temple, it is not suitable for large weddings because there are very few guests inside. On the other hand, it is on the edge of a road that in the months of season is busy. The nearest beaches are es Cavallet and ses salines. The first is a naturist beach that has a restaurant on the beach with spectacular views and a very chic atmosphere. Watch out for mosquitoes at sunset. Very good photos from Es Codolar, especially at sunset.



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