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Plan ahead


First of all, congratulations on your commitment! You have decided to take a big step. Now you have to organize the event. Planning the wedding well in advance you can control much better all aspects involved in it and nothing fails.
By way of guidance, we offer you an agenda to see the basics that should be taken into account and how to plan each one with sufficient time.

More than a year before

The main thing is to choose the date of the wedding. It will depend on the combination of the availability of the church / city where you want to celebrate the ceremony, and where you are going to celebrate the banquet. Sometimes finding a weekend where both places are available can be tricky depending on the time of year. So the sooner you decide the more likely you will have that the date chosen is free.

For the election of the church or city council you have at your disposal a link with photos and information of all those on the island. As for the banquet, you can also access the list of suppliers and start asking for quotes. The choice must convince you and be liked by both of you. It never hurts to ask advice from people who have attended a wedding on the site that interests you, sometimes word of mouth is the best advertising. Sure in our forum you will find many people to help you with your opinions.

Make an initial list of guests, because depending on the number of guests you will have, there will be places where you can or can not hold the banquet, depending on their capacity.

It is time to announce the commitment to family and friends once you have the date. Keep in mind that if people come from outside the island for the event, they will need a reasonable time to look for plane / boat, lodging, rental car …

You can start looking in magazines, on the Internet, etc., trends of the year for the wedding dress and the groom suit. So you can go in your search with a prior idea of ​​what you like and do not like.

Between 12 and 6 months before

At this moment you must already have the date of the link.

Start searching for possible destinations for the honeymoon, ask budget in the agency for the different options. Always keep in mind if the time of year you are going in the weather is going to be good. Maybe you had in mind a specific destination and it turns out that the wedding date is monsoon season …

It’s time to look for the wedding dress. Visit different places and ask for an appointment to do the tests. If you decide on a custom designed dress, you think you will need time to do it, consult with the designer as soon as possible.

You should also find photographers for the photos and video. Ask for quotes when you go to see their work. It is important that there is communication and some complicity, if you feel comfortable with him or her the photos will come out more natural.

And finally visit florists to see ideas and of course, ask for quotes. Many have photos of flower arrangements that have prepared for other weddings, it is the best way to see the decorative style of the florist, and see if it is to your liking.

3 to 4 months before

Collect the necessary documentation according to whether it is civil or religious wedding (birth certificates, baptism, etc.). It is important not to do this management more than 6 months in advance, as the documentation is only half a year valid, and you should ask for it again.

You can request a website for your wedding. There you can include information of the place where you will celebrate with photos, plans of how to arrive, etc. If you prepare a special section, the guests can leave messages of congratulation. Be sure to include the website address in the invitations so everyone can come and see and participate in it.

It is also time to order the invitations, send them and assure them that those who do not give it in hand receive them.

Start looking for the accessories of the wedding dress (lingerie, shoes, headdresses, etc.) and the groom.

Book the honeymoon trip.

At this time usually a test of the dress, with the shoes already bought if possible, to see that they combine well, and above all to adjust the length of the dress.

Choose the florist you liked the most and check availability for that day. Many weddings are held on the island, and florists can manage one or two on the same day.

2 months ago

Look for the hairdresser and beautician, and when you have chosen, ask for an appointment to do the test of hair and makeup. In some places you have several tests on different days. We recommend that you take the camera, especially if you do different hairstyles on different days, so you can compare them later.

Inform you if the destination that you have chosen for your trip needs some vaccination. Many of them should be administered at least a month before the trip. Better go with time.

If you decide to do some beauty treatment, ask for information at the beauty center to be able to start it in time.

Look for wedding reminders that are given to guests, as well as cigars or cigars with personalized ring, if the place of the banquet has outside area where you can smoke. Look at the original ideas section, we’ll leave you some fun suggestions.

If you have opted for a jewelry designer for the alliances, do not wait any longer to do so, they need a time for their elaboration.

By these dates the banquet menu is usually tested, and its subsequent choice. Depending on the place, you will be asked to do it sooner or later. If it is a hotel and you marry at the beginning of the season it may be only a month before the wedding.

Between 1 month and 15 days before

You have to make the last test of the dress. It is very possible that with the nerves you have thinned a bit at the last minute, so you probably have to touch up something, get a little here or there …

Reserve the time for the hairdresser. If your mother, your sister or sister-in-law, an aunt, etc., want to prepare in the same hairdresser as you, consult with the manager the possibility of opening that day just for you.

Check that you have everything ready, purchased and contracted (photos-video, clothing and accessories for bride and groom, church choir, wedding trip, banquet place, music for the party, flowers and decoration, transportation for the bride and The guests, etc). We leave you a link with a prepared list. You can print it and go checking what you still lack. LINK!!!!!!!!!

Call the guests who have not yet responded to confirm your attendance. Many are made to pray!

Collect alliances.

It’s time to go to the beauty center for a skin cleansing. Do not leave it for the last day in case you have redness.

One week before the wedding

Collect travel tickets and start packing.

It is most likely that the place of the banquet will ask you for the final number of guests. You should also inform about their distribution by tables, after consulting the number of people who can go in each one.

Go to the beauty salon for the final touches (hair removal, body peeling, grapefruit, etc.).

Check in the bank the limit that you have in the credit cards in case it is advisable to extend it for the trip. And if necessary also, ask for foreign currency if wherever you go you do not have Euro currency.

Make sure that the florist has clear everything you’ve asked, types of flowers, bouquet type, …

A day before the wedding

You can make an “emergency kit” with extra stockings, thread and pin, lip gloss, etc. Leave it to someone you trust if you need to use it. You never know what you might miss and when.

Get the manicure and pedicure.

Pick up the wedding dress and do not let the boyfriend see it!

And finally sleep well, if the nerves leave you !.

The wedding day

If you are nervous, you can take a tea infusion or a valerian. Something soft that calms the nerves, but that does not sleep!

Go in time to the hairdresser.

And above all, enjoy the big day !!!




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