Organize your dream wedding: step by step

Ibiza has it all to celebrate your dream wedding. You have been successful in the election because this island combines beauty, fun and uniqueness … a base on which you can build everything that one proposes, more even than imagined. But all creation requires intense dedication. We have to devise proposals, compare them, rectify them and finally merge all of them to achieve a result that lives up to everyone’s expectations. And this is where the team of Casarseenibiza comes into play. We get there where the couple can not be, we work side by side with each couple, always respecting their preferences and sticking to the budget as if it were ours. We also offer you a seven-year experience organizing weddings, something that is priceless, we know the island by foot, its most special corners, the services it offers and the professionals behind it. For us it will be a privilege to help you make your wedding in Ibiza a reality.


The interviews

After some initial contacts without any commitment and once you have made the decision to contract our services we will get to work. The first step is to get to know each other so that you can put all your trust in us and in our case we can soak up all the ideas that surround you. Ideally, if you are from outside, at some point you can move to the island and celebrate the meeting in person but, if it is not possible, luckily technology puts many tools within our reach. Regarding our rates, you will find that they are tight and that we offer different hiring options: for intimate links, only for the decoration of the event, for a partial organization and even for a small online advice.

The proposals

From that moment your work will consist in giving the approval to all the proposals that we are presenting. The restaurant, a villa rented for the occasion, catering, music, transportation service, officiant (whether or not an official wedding), church (if it is a religious link), administrative procedures (if any) The decoration, the bouquet of flowers …. And the list goes on, it’s endless, but the weight will fall on the wedding planner.

The preparations

Once all the services are contracted, the work continues even if several months remain for the great celebration. You can not imagine how many details need to be monitored. It is basic to keep track of contracted services, to solve contingencies and it is also the moment to start designing the decoration of the space where the wedding will be held, a section that opens up a whole myriad of possibilities.

The big day
That is your great moment. And also ours in a certain way because we will be there all day to control and coordinate that everything elapses according to the expected timing, both as regards the assembly as from the arrival of the guests. We will be there for most of the celebration to deal with everything that arises. And believe us, you will need us.

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